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Join us on this extraordinary journey to connect with your divine source and express your truth. Be the unique beautiful human with all your talents and passions.

Our events and programs are based on cutting edge neuroscience and a fusion between life long experience, education and expertise.
We will provide you with a sense of ease and empowerment in your life situations and access to transformation out of your past into a new future. You gain acceptance, surrender and happiness. We will do it together.

Meet Your Instructor

Renee walks this healing journey of the awakening of the heart and connection with divine spirit since 1991. Renee can look back to 30 years of training, education, experience and practise as Rebirther - integrative Breath Work facilitator, licensed practitioner of natural medicine and psychotherapy and certified expressive Art Therapist. She worked with hundreds of mostly women on the path to empower the divine feminine for a future with balance on our Mother Earth.

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"I'm honored to serve you on your healing journey to fulfill your life purpose"


Origins of Mindfulness

Mindfulness has its roots in ancient Buddhist teachings and practices, particularly in the Vipassana tradition. The term "mindfulness" is a translation of the Pali word "sati," which means "to remember" or "to be aware of." Buddhist teachings on mindfulness date back...

Technical breakdown

Good morning! Today I realize that all my efforts yesterday with this website didn't work the way I wanted. I created a WordPress staging site and worked on it. I thought that my "old" page stays online and I can work on my "new"...

Rebirthing – integrative breathwork ceremony

Rebirthing – integrative breathwork ceremony and connection Saturdays 10:00 am - 3:00 pm October 23rd and 30th, 2021 Rebirthing group workshop events are help in a very small, intimate and safe setting with a high awareness of personal vulnerability. During our time...

My Website – our connection

Dear friends, clients and followers. I am building this website and blog. I am a expressive Art Therapist and a modern Medicine Woman with some digital skills but I am learning word press. I thougt I will make this process of growing my business open. I am not perfect...

APM Acupunctmassage

APM, also known as Penzel therapy, is a special massage method that can work against diseases caused by functional disorders. Since it affects the entire organism via the energy cycle, several symptoms may change at the same time. This method is mainly carried out by...

Experience the power of your breath

Rebirthing – integrative breath work ceremony

Rebirthing group workshop events are help in a very small, intimate and safe setting with a high awareness of personal vulnerability.

During our time together we will open a ceremonial space in which you can fully surrender to your process. We will have an opening circle with sharing and connecting to each other and each of you will set an intention. I will guide you into the Rebirthing session with a relaxing meditation and I will help you to find the breathing rhytm. You will learn how to breath without a pause. During a rebirthing session you can explore your inner world and you will have a clearing of emotions and releasing of tension. At the end of a Rebirthing session you feel reborn. Every cell of your body is oxigenated and your mind is peacefull and clear. You feel connected to your divine source and conneted to all that is.

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